Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Shanny-poo Doorstop

Ok, I'm back to brag... I have been looking for an excuse to sew with hessian and finally I found one when my girlfriend told me that she needed some doorstops because 3 of her doors keep slamming shut and scaring the bejesus out of her little dog (who then sulks for the rest of the night). It also happened to be her birthday the following week (now that i write this, I am wondering if she orchestrated the whole thing... hmmmm, sneaky).

Anyway, clearly a cute hessian doorstop was needed. So I got to spotlight, bought the hessian that i had been perving on for months and go sewing.

I've listed some instructions below, for those interested.

1. The instructions are simple. Make yourself a square and triangle template out of cardboard (my square and triangles were 16cms high and wide). Click here to download a template.

2. Trace 1 x square and 4 x triangles, using your templates, onto your fabric with one of those disappearing-ink-pens and cut them out.

3. Sew two triangles together and then the other two triangles together. (One side of your triangle will be 16cms but the other two will be longer, keep this in mind when your sewing them, as you want the 16cm side free to sew to the square - obvious, but frustrating if you only realise after you've sewed them).

4. Sew your two sets of triangles together to make a pyramid.

5. Sew three sides of your square to the bottom of the pyramid, leaving one side open to fill.

6. Fill with something heavy (wheat, rice, beads, whatever...)

7. Slip stitch closed and embellish.

Yay. So I've made one, but she needs 3... I'm thinking she may need a hessian pear doorstop too, so that just might be my next post.

Hooroo and happy sewing. xo.

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