Wednesday, November 9, 2011


My mum asked me the other day how my blog is going... hmmmm.

Then she called me a 'half done mum', haha, gotta love family.

Well it's true, I have totally neglected this blog for the last few weeks. One of those weeks we were away on a holiday, that turned into a spew and poo convention (I think we all got Rota Virus - ick); and well the rest of that time, i think i've just been sulking about having gone on holidays and been so sick that it really wasn't restful or reviving at all.

Anyway, i'm over it now and I am getting all amped up about Christmas and my kiddies birthday party that is coming up. So You should be hearing more from me in the near future. But as i write this I can't help but look up and see the half sewn pillow, with it's stuffing overflowing, sitting on the couch across from me and think, we'll see.

Shall i admit to you how long this pillow has looked like this??? <clears throat and shamefully says> about 4 years. Not good.

Oh well. Chin up. Maybe it will get some love tomorrow - haha, but don't hold your breath.

x k. 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Can you keep a secret?

So it seems that hub may have been right. Shhhhhh.... Not too loud. You are all sworn to secrecy, but it turns out that if you don't spend so much time looking at Facebook, pinterest and blogging that you actually get stuff done.

So that is where I have been, busy doing, 'doing' rather than 'talking' or 'writing about'.

(I know, I write as though I have a million followers who are deeply concerned at my lack of posts - just humor me).

So here's a sneaky peak at what 'doing' has achieved.

I have achieved more than just this, but this is really the only slightly crafty, vaguely interesting thing. I wasn't exactly going to post pictures of my clean washing all folded and put away was I?!?


Thursday, October 13, 2011

My resolve

As feared, although this blog has been entertaining (well to me anyway), it has not achieved it's purpose... Which was to inspire some movement towards completing my half done craft projects.

Resolve: I do solemnly swear to do something from my original 'half done' list by the end of next week.

Full permission to publicly humiliate me if I do not have an entry of sorts on this blog about something I have completed. However, what will be worse than anything you could do/say, is that my husband be proved right (and I couldn't let that happened).

So on that thought. Good night.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Zip Fix

Why do some jeans have zips that are just totally rebellious. I have a pair of jeans that within 2 minutes of pulling the zip up, it just falls back down. The straw that broke the camels back was when i wore these jeans to my children's music group and facilitated the entire thing 'half mast'. Grrrr. It's one thing to be a half done mum with messy hair, half applied make-up or even odd socks, but i draw the line here.

Just when i had given up and was having a big whinge to my Mum about my zipper woes she tells me about this... Changed my life!!!

All you need is a split ring and 30 seconds.

Attach the split ring to your zip, pull the zip up, pop the ring over the button
and do up as usual.

BRILLIANT. Happy dances. Cheers and shouts of jubilation. And maybe even a few tears of joy for all those jeans that have just been reinstated as wearable.

If you don't have a spare split ring on your keys then you can find them at almost any craft shop that sells jewellrey supplies.

Plus it can stay on when washed!!!

I hope you are as excited about this as I am. Yay for simple fixes.

xo Peace out.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Home made shooter + Side Walk Paintballs = Awesomeness!!!

What to do on a fine Saturday where Hub has left us to go paintballing with the menfolk and Miss A. is asleep. Hmmmmm. Have a look at what's saved on Pinterest and 'Wallah' ... inspiration has struck.

I found this little contraption the other day on Pinterest and just knew my son would love it. What 3 year old wouldn't like something that catapultes random items halfway across the yard?! So cheers Laura from Come Together Kids for this excellent little project.

To do this you need:
* some disposable cups (we found a smaller cup worked better for smaller hands)
* a few balloons
* and whatever little projectile you can find.
(It goes without saying that this activity requires supervision, but i've said it anyway)

The 'how':
1. Cut the cup in half.
2. Tie a knot in the balloon.
3. Cut about a quarter of the rounded end of the balloon off.
4. Pull it over the top end of your cup.

DONE. Here's a pic...

First we shot a few small gumnuts, then some flower buds and then the frenzy hit ... we launched everything. Seeds, dirt, rice, even a poor little snail that i wasn't quick enough to save. (Note: Dirt is not a good idea it kind blows up in your face, literally).

Then another wave of inspiration hit. When I told Master J. that Daddy was at Paintball, he had no idea what I was talking about and I totally messed up the explanation by telling him that Daddy and his friends were going to shoot each other with paint guns. Kinda caused some anxieties. But never fear, here is the answer to clear it up-ish.

Introducing the clever Mummy from Mom's Crafty Space and her recipe for sidewalk chalk paint. Excellent excellent.

The 'how':
* Mix 1 Tbsp of cornflour to 2 Tbsp's of water and a bit of food dye.

Then dip a cottonball into your chalk paint mix, load, launch and marvel.

This was heaps of fun. So much fun in fact that the kids down the road heard us and came up. What was fun with 1 child soon because total craziness with 6 children and 1 dog, but still heaps of fun.

I picked up cottonballs afterwards.

x Kellie.

Friday, October 7, 2011

The logic of men

Humph, men!

I told my husband about my new blog and the whole 'half done' theme and he said "if you put the time into your unfinished projects rather than blogging maybe you'd finish them".

Really, why do men have to make so much sense. It's just ridiculous. Where's the fun in that?!

So anyway, I'm just going to file that little suggestion back in the dusty recesses of my brain where the cobwebs are and the thoughts about housework and pretend it didn't happen.


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A new toothbrush

Today's a bit of a struggle. We've all got the dreaded loogie. Sniffles, coughs and general feelings of unwellness.

So a little parcel in the mail is always a welcomed pick me up. So, YAY, look what arrived today.
Do you know how many times i have wondered if such a thing exists!!! What is it you ask? It's hopefully the answer to our daily battle of Miss A. vs. parent in the toothbrushing arena. It's a finger tooth brush & some blueberry flavored, 'fluoride-and-other-nasties' free toothpaste.

I'd love to tell you that the toothpaste smells delicious, but i really can't smell. Oh well. It tastes yummo (mind you I can't taste much either).

Both items bought from Quirky & Quaint, they are are a handmade market that comes to you. Kinda tupperware style, but WAY better. Check out their website.

Well enough from me. Miss A. is awake. 'Til next time. xo.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Roly Poly Painting

So one reason i am so rubbish at finishing anything is that my mind is constantly brimming with creative ideas for the next project thanks to the world of Pinterest. Each night I enter this wonderful world and discover new things to crochet, new ways to revamp furniture, cute sewing projects and (one of my favorite things) creative activities to do with the kidlets.

So I thought i'd share one with you that i did today (inspired by Play Create Explore's 'marble painting').


You need:

  • A largish box - I used a box I brought my green groceries home in.

  • Paper large enough to cover the bottom on your box.

  • Paint.

  • Something to put your paint in or on - I used an ice-cream bucket lid

  • Anything ball like - I used some plastic ball pit balls, i seem to always have a million of them rolling around my house (however, i don't have a ball pit - hmmm).

First we dipped our balls in colours and put them in the box.

Then wiggle and jiggle that box til your hearts content.

And wallah, there you have it, our first Roly Poly Painting.

(Alternatively, you could slop paint on the paper in the box and make the balls roll through it ... or ... you could put different size/weight/whatever balls in there for a different look)

Happy Rolling.

I've started something else....

Hi, my name is Kellie. I am a mum of 2, wife to 1, brilliant at starting and terrible at finishing. Hence i am starting this blog, as kind of a way of putting it out there into cyber space, into the universe, that i will start something and do my utmost to finish it. I will talk about it (probably a lot), start it AND finish it. And the universe can hold me accountable to it (I think my heart just skipped a beat and my tummy just got that heavy feeling it gets just as I witness something that i am uncomfortable with - but no... I must blog on). Let the journey begin.

Firstly i must tell you the projects that i have started and not finished - YET!!!!

There is:

  • The antique frame that i am going to turn into a fabulous framed coat & key rack.

  • The gorgeous "uptown girl" jacket by Make It Perfect that i have half sewn, using Alexander Henry "Farmdale Orchard" fabric for one side and plain red on the other.

  • The crocheted beanie for a friends daughter that requires a flower.

  • The crocheted scarf that i just have to attach the already made flowers to.

  • The antique hat box that will one day be an amazing herb garden.

  • And lastly the dreaded Whinnie the Pooh cross-stitch that was WAY too ambitious (due to it's size) that i started before my now 3.5year old was born.

Okay, that about sums it up. I can't, or maybe i don't want to, think of anything else.

So, my intention is to do a tutorial type thingo on the projects that I'm kinda just doing out of some sort of creative genius, potentially stupidity, that i conjured up in my head (the framed coat rack and hat box herb garden - i'm mainly talking about - however i did come up with another 'brillliant' idea tonight that involves the fence posts that are sitting on the side of the road up the street from me, but i dare not even mention it to hub as he may do his naa naa if i ask him to pick up another piece of 'junk' from the side of the road).

Oh oh oh, i also want to mod podge the drawers i scabbed from the side of the road, that doesn't count as having been 'started' as i didn't think to do it until just recently and they are being used.

So now to post this thing onto the world wide web for all to see (and NOT to just save it with the many other blogs i have started but not committed to - no you can't see them!!!). Okay, deep breath; clicking "Publish Post" now and committing to yet another genius, potentially stupid, adventure.

xo peace out.