Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A new toothbrush

Today's a bit of a struggle. We've all got the dreaded loogie. Sniffles, coughs and general feelings of unwellness.

So a little parcel in the mail is always a welcomed pick me up. So, YAY, look what arrived today.
Do you know how many times i have wondered if such a thing exists!!! What is it you ask? It's hopefully the answer to our daily battle of Miss A. vs. parent in the toothbrushing arena. It's a finger tooth brush & some blueberry flavored, 'fluoride-and-other-nasties' free toothpaste.

I'd love to tell you that the toothpaste smells delicious, but i really can't smell. Oh well. It tastes yummo (mind you I can't taste much either).

Both items bought from Quirky & Quaint, they are are a handmade market that comes to you. Kinda tupperware style, but WAY better. Check out their website.

Well enough from me. Miss A. is awake. 'Til next time. xo.

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