Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I've started something else....

Hi, my name is Kellie. I am a mum of 2, wife to 1, brilliant at starting and terrible at finishing. Hence i am starting this blog, as kind of a way of putting it out there into cyber space, into the universe, that i will start something and do my utmost to finish it. I will talk about it (probably a lot), start it AND finish it. And the universe can hold me accountable to it (I think my heart just skipped a beat and my tummy just got that heavy feeling it gets just as I witness something that i am uncomfortable with - but no... I must blog on). Let the journey begin.

Firstly i must tell you the projects that i have started and not finished - YET!!!!

There is:

  • The antique frame that i am going to turn into a fabulous framed coat & key rack.

  • The gorgeous "uptown girl" jacket by Make It Perfect that i have half sewn, using Alexander Henry "Farmdale Orchard" fabric for one side and plain red on the other.

  • The crocheted beanie for a friends daughter that requires a flower.

  • The crocheted scarf that i just have to attach the already made flowers to.

  • The antique hat box that will one day be an amazing herb garden.

  • And lastly the dreaded Whinnie the Pooh cross-stitch that was WAY too ambitious (due to it's size) that i started before my now 3.5year old was born.

Okay, that about sums it up. I can't, or maybe i don't want to, think of anything else.

So, my intention is to do a tutorial type thingo on the projects that I'm kinda just doing out of some sort of creative genius, potentially stupidity, that i conjured up in my head (the framed coat rack and hat box herb garden - i'm mainly talking about - however i did come up with another 'brillliant' idea tonight that involves the fence posts that are sitting on the side of the road up the street from me, but i dare not even mention it to hub as he may do his naa naa if i ask him to pick up another piece of 'junk' from the side of the road).

Oh oh oh, i also want to mod podge the drawers i scabbed from the side of the road, that doesn't count as having been 'started' as i didn't think to do it until just recently and they are being used.

So now to post this thing onto the world wide web for all to see (and NOT to just save it with the many other blogs i have started but not committed to - no you can't see them!!!). Okay, deep breath; clicking "Publish Post" now and committing to yet another genius, potentially stupid, adventure.

xo peace out.

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