Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Roly Poly Painting

So one reason i am so rubbish at finishing anything is that my mind is constantly brimming with creative ideas for the next project thanks to the world of Pinterest. Each night I enter this wonderful world and discover new things to crochet, new ways to revamp furniture, cute sewing projects and (one of my favorite things) creative activities to do with the kidlets.

So I thought i'd share one with you that i did today (inspired by Play Create Explore's 'marble painting').


You need:

  • A largish box - I used a box I brought my green groceries home in.

  • Paper large enough to cover the bottom on your box.

  • Paint.

  • Something to put your paint in or on - I used an ice-cream bucket lid

  • Anything ball like - I used some plastic ball pit balls, i seem to always have a million of them rolling around my house (however, i don't have a ball pit - hmmm).

First we dipped our balls in colours and put them in the box.

Then wiggle and jiggle that box til your hearts content.

And wallah, there you have it, our first Roly Poly Painting.

(Alternatively, you could slop paint on the paper in the box and make the balls roll through it ... or ... you could put different size/weight/whatever balls in there for a different look)

Happy Rolling.

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