Saturday, October 8, 2011

Home made shooter + Side Walk Paintballs = Awesomeness!!!

What to do on a fine Saturday where Hub has left us to go paintballing with the menfolk and Miss A. is asleep. Hmmmmm. Have a look at what's saved on Pinterest and 'Wallah' ... inspiration has struck.

I found this little contraption the other day on Pinterest and just knew my son would love it. What 3 year old wouldn't like something that catapultes random items halfway across the yard?! So cheers Laura from Come Together Kids for this excellent little project.

To do this you need:
* some disposable cups (we found a smaller cup worked better for smaller hands)
* a few balloons
* and whatever little projectile you can find.
(It goes without saying that this activity requires supervision, but i've said it anyway)

The 'how':
1. Cut the cup in half.
2. Tie a knot in the balloon.
3. Cut about a quarter of the rounded end of the balloon off.
4. Pull it over the top end of your cup.

DONE. Here's a pic...

First we shot a few small gumnuts, then some flower buds and then the frenzy hit ... we launched everything. Seeds, dirt, rice, even a poor little snail that i wasn't quick enough to save. (Note: Dirt is not a good idea it kind blows up in your face, literally).

Then another wave of inspiration hit. When I told Master J. that Daddy was at Paintball, he had no idea what I was talking about and I totally messed up the explanation by telling him that Daddy and his friends were going to shoot each other with paint guns. Kinda caused some anxieties. But never fear, here is the answer to clear it up-ish.

Introducing the clever Mummy from Mom's Crafty Space and her recipe for sidewalk chalk paint. Excellent excellent.

The 'how':
* Mix 1 Tbsp of cornflour to 2 Tbsp's of water and a bit of food dye.

Then dip a cottonball into your chalk paint mix, load, launch and marvel.

This was heaps of fun. So much fun in fact that the kids down the road heard us and came up. What was fun with 1 child soon because total craziness with 6 children and 1 dog, but still heaps of fun.

I picked up cottonballs afterwards.

x Kellie.

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Jehanne said...

Love it Kel! Yay I'm following you now. Looking forward to more good stuff! xo